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    Giving Free Coaching to Fever players

    i am interested. But I am new to the game. I am lvl 12. I can twitch and I can skype. I have discord as well. My username is Lonerandom. Thurday nights is my only unfree night.
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    new to LoL as well

    I mainly play hots, but have become increasingly interested in learning this game. i am currently lvl 12. Lonerandom is my username on the LoL client. would love to meet some other players that be willing to teach me the game as well.
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    If anyone would like some coaching or just advice to improve

    i could use some coaching and help. Leverage#1105 message me anytime. i got classes tues/ thurs. I'm available weekends and nights
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    looking for a coach

    Leverage#1105 i'm currently in bronze and am looking for a coach to help me get better at the game. i am available most nights.
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    DreadKnight Coaching Availability

    leverage#1105 here. interested in coaching. free almost any night
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    LFG for Leveling Heroes for 2.0

    I'm in Gamer, you got my bnet already. leverage#1105. if you see me online, holla at me
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    looking for weekend hots play

    i am in school at uab, and my weekdays, and nights are filled. i am interested in maybe some TL, or just gaming with some folks on the weekends. HMU, leverage#1105
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    Heroes of the Storm Season 2 Hero League List

    leverage. bnet is leverage#1105 im in silver 5 now. i play mainly tanks and assassins.
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    looking for duo que partner.

    i need a duo q partner. or partners. im currently silver 5 and want to get out of silver hll, and into gold hell. my bnet is leverage#1105
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    sorry been gone for a month now during move

    i moved to birmingham al, and didn't think to post here about moving. been without Internet for two weeks, but glad to be back online.
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    i'm out of tourney, personal reasons.
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    hots game night 8/8/2016 partcipants: beastbrawler claytor dimo myce riprip suntzukhem ineedfood and myself Leverage we started at 7:00. was very productive; we eventually broke up into two groups and quickmatchin. played till 10:30
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    Sun. night game night

    leverage here, been busy the past few weeks with school. moving game night to sun night. &pm est. till whenever. it's a great way to meat up with other players. have some fun playing hots, and just hanging out with each other. leverage#1105 is my bnet, or you can message /join feverclan in chat...
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    i wont be at game night tonight, but have fun anyway.

    title says it all. leverage here, and i will be going camping with my son tonight. but y'all can still get together and have fun tonight with out me. :biggrin-new:
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    date&time: friday 6/17/2016 game: hots hosted by: Leverage # in attendance: 7 length in hours: 3 hours 7-10 Measure of success: was a successful night. we played qm and unranked draft. we mainly just hung out and played as friends. members: leverage ravail jlollh kanbytu laekoth zanderberg