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    The Recent Patch?

    So now that we've had some time to delve into the big, recent patch of Grim Dawn, what do you guys think of the changes, with veteran being harder, and resists really being a big deal across the board? Before the patch, I found a lot of my builds were always mainly focused on doing as much...
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    A Beginner’s Guide to Farm PoE Currency

    Unfortunately the character I made for this season is a Heavy Strike Juggernaut, so he's not all that fast at map clearing. I really need to start making map clearing characters initially for seasons and then work on other builds. >.<
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    A Beginner’s Guide to Farm PoE Currency

    Thank you very much for that info! I never knew what maps were good to farm certain things. I usually just did whatever I had. That will definetly help.
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    A Beginner’s Guide to Farm PoE Currency

    So I'd like your opinion on the currency farming. I've reached the end of the story, and have slowly begun the descent into maps. I'm assuming its a lot harder to get exalts when you solo maps right? Being as the quality/quantity is lower? What would you recommend for farming orbs? Though I'm...
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    I know its a long shot, but...

    Anyone play on Windrunner, Alliance? I'm just curious if anyone on here plays on the server. Its my main.
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    What's Next?

    Now that I'm sure most of you guys have gotten the Season Journey completed, what do you do next? Do you just stop playing or keep farming/pushing rifts? As much as I'd love to push greater rifts, I just don't believe I have the patience for it, or the build for that matter. Playing a necro with...
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    What Do You Do?

    I'm at a point now to where I'm just needing Primal Ancients. Needless to say due to amount of randomness it takes to get those exact pieces, I've tapered off with the farming, as I have less desire to do so. >.<
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    Necro Build?

    So I've initially been running an Inarius Blood Nova build this season. And though I feel it does a lot of damage, I feel like this is more an aoe oriented build for pack clearing, but not so good for Rift Guardans and big name bosses. (Or maybe I'm not just doing it right.) One of my main...
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    What Do You Do?

    I actually just recently found out about the cube conversion of mats. Shows how often I really messed with the cube, but yes now that I've completed my season journey I'm really just farming mats and trying to upgrade my stuff.
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    What Is Your Levelling Path?

    I have yet to ever get to the end game yet. I make my through Elite, and then make new characters. I really should stick to finishing a few of them, lol.
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    Any of you guys plan on getting Iceborne? I'm looking forward to it. I think it'll be a nice new addition to the game.
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    What Do You Do?

    I think my biggest gripe was how you invest so much materials to upgrading rares, I almost feel it isn't worth it, because its such a small chance you'll actually get the ancient piece you need.
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    What Do You Do?

    Ah so bounties sounds like the way to go then. Wasn't sure what the ratios were for that, or if they were worth doing. Ellaine ty for the video!
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    What Do You Do?

    So aside from the obvious running rifts, do you guys honestly find it useful to constantly use up all your crafting materials to have the chance of crafting an ancient item? I mean I know there's so many other things it could potentially be, but I'm finding it a bit frustrating that I keep...
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    Grim Dawn Sunday Game Nights - 8pm EST

    Where would be the best place to get with you guys for stuff like this? Discord?