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    EFT Wipe Was Yesterdayy!!!!!

    The new wipe has finally come with the new 11.7 patch. If anyone is down to start questing just add me and I'm down to start grinding - Z0SixVette
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    Should I Buy This Game?

    [ I tend to play the exact same way as you, as to I really do enjoy knowing the fact that I haven't skipped out on anything in the map. I really like to look for the little details the game has to offer and thats what I was afriad of with this game was that it was a race to the finish line just...
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    Do any of you ride?

    I haven't ridden on the road yet but building a supermoto out of my KTM 450sxf. Im pretty excited mainly just waiting for it to warm up around these parts.
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    Overwatch Fever Playerbase - Post here to be added!

    Z0SixVette#1827 also on pc
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    Doing some labs raids!!!!

    Well I'm going to be doing some labs raids today at around 3:30-4ish. If anyone is interested and wants to group up let me know and we can add each other. Fairly newer and don't know the map very well but played a couple with some more experienced players the other day and for the most part have...
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    Should I Buy This Game?

    I loved Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, but I have never played the division 1. I was wondering if that would have any correlation in this game and if it would be beneficial to watch the gameplay on the first one before I jumped into the division 2.
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    Diablo killer?

    When is the english release of Lost Ark coming out? Anyone have any ideas?
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    What To Expect? (Computer Science Major)

    Ghist Well currently at the technical school that I am attending we are focusing on software engineering and have done a list of languages: html, css, javascript, python, C#, xamarin, and starting on sql for data bases now. I mean I really enjoy doing the actual programming aspect of things...
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    What To Expect? (Computer Science Major)

    Diane Thank You!!!!!
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    Important Info about me =D

    nightxwolf871 I know exactly the feeling of every single doctor saying something different, and than them all telling you to go and get different treatments. It's very frustrating and because at that point you just wanna be better.
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    What To Expect? (Computer Science Major)

    Well I am finally enrolled in the college that I would like to attend and I am going in to be a computer science major. I am in the software engineering program at my local technical school now but I was wondering if anyone here is a CS Major, and has any past experiences with the classes I will...
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    Looking for Single Player PC Game Suggestions

    I would honestly recommend the borderlands series personally. Thats all I can think of to top what has already been said in the above!
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    FeverClan Esports!

    I do not think that Fever has a ESports team but I really think that honestly this would be a good way to put the clan's name out there in a positive manner! I am very in favor of this, just figuring out the games that would be created for this esports team! If you were really serious about...
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    Important Info about me =D

    I'm really sorry about your situation. I know you said you weren't asking for sympathy but I at least have an idea of where your at with your pain situation in day to day life. I was in a car accident 2 years ago on mothers day when I was hit at about 55, I was completely stopped. I didn't have...
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    Origin Names