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  • I didn't get to reply to your post on my welcome thread fast enough, and I don't want to necro post it so I figured I'd answer it here :) I played a Prot Paladin Dwarf (I this was the one I got to 60 something on) and a Brewmaster Monk Pandaren (yay pandas! :D). I like both of them a lot! My only thing about the game was that it took forever to get to 60 (or at least it seemed like it) in order to unlock the flying mount (I think it's unlocked at 60). Hope you have happy raiding or killing if you like pvp more!!!
    Thank you :) I had a lot of help getting here between great team members like yourself to higher rank individuals who took the time to teach and explain things. My memory is not what it used to be, what did I tell you when I first re-joined?
    I'll have to try logging onto WOW sometime and see what it's like these days. Karaoke is fun, don't get to do it too much. Mostly watching Five-O these days, but i'll get back into ST soon. Lost too much time once teaching started back up and don't have as much time for gaming.. :)
    Congrats! I just saw your shiny bar when I was reading your post on the WoW forums.
    No not really, I used to but ran out of money for the subscription.
    Milestone achieved. Congrats on becoming an officer! You earned it and WoW needs you, keep up the good work.
    Welcome to officership! :) let me know if you need any help, as I was just recently there too!! See you around!
    I tried watching the original series maybe last year, but the first episode was a bit rough. Started a little bit of DS9, but didn't stick with it. I do have a youtube channel, but it's got lots of random junk and some old old videos of me that I should probably take down... Carla Bruni isn't really rock though, but French stuff :) Will do. Are you a musician? I saw you have a youtube channel--looks like you play a lot of Wow. I only played a little a few years ago, but never really played with others (Friends played for about a month). Seems it's changed a lot from years ago
    Hey there :D Nice work on the rank up! I see you are keeping up with activity within the WoW section and we really appreciate it :D Please keep up being awesome and keeping the activity going! We really appreciate it!
    Congratulations on ranking up to Gunnery Sergeant :ghost: Forum Activity for the win! You've been a social butterfly :cupcake: Hope you have an awesome day! Best thing about Fever?
    congrats on the rank up
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