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    Fallen Earth

    I was wondering if any1 has tried this game or play it now. It is like a post apocalyptic MMORPG and its kinda fun where you can craft gear, guns, and mounts. It is kinda fun for me and if you wanted to play it tell me your in game name in here so we can maybe team up and do missions or just go...
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    SMITE in game names!

    I think I gave the wrong smite name in game. The name in game is Koko and not Koko766 I sometimes mix up the names in games or I am just used to using Koko766 that I say it before fulling checking. sry about that
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    Hey i was wondering if any1 knew anything about C# programing. This might be bad place for this question but since it is for open discussion i was hoping some1 could help me out with something with this program. If you know good amount of C# can you message me so i can ask a question? Thanks
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    League of Legends: Team AFKers is now recruiting!

    - IGN: Koko766 - Role desired: AD or mid mostly - Availability: I have different times but if there is a time I have to be here I can ma - Number of Champions owned: 72 - How serious are you and how consistent you will be on doing scrims and practices - Please state a good reason that you want...
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    Thank You

    Thank You
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    SMITE in game names!

    My name in smite is Koko766.
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    What happened to the forums? READ NOW!

    I was a member and PFC rank.