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    Transparency Decision Making behind denying recent membership

    I also want to be apologetic here. I should not have to be transparent to this degree, but sometimes you are left no choice and it saddens me to have to handle this in such a way. But sometimes things need to be done as open as possible or your just left with a skewed view of a surface story...
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    Transparency Decision Making behind denying recent membership

    Recently there's a lot of "drama" behind a reinstatement denial and our decision making process seems to be considered faltered. I want to clear it up a bit more so its more in the open. I try my best to be transparent as possible. Winterrose
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    Site Security

    i thought cpanel was fixing the certificate months ago. i never really looked into it to be perfectly honest. lol
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    Pending: Forums skins unresponsive

    Drag was working on themes last i knew
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    Member Removal:

    winterrose . own request
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    LOA/VO/VM ranks

    chaves COL to VO .. no job for 6 months flux COL to VO inactive 44 days sparkis CPT to VO inactive 52 days
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    Linessah BG to MG
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    Discord Features and requests

    As we adapt to the new ability to use new community related tools such as Discord. There's always features that could be added. list them here if you found them on another server let us know and maybe we can add something similar.
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    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

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    Azurieru Dreamurr to CPL to SGT
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    Resolved: Please delete my account and stop the emails.

    i changed his email so he wont ne mroe
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    This is a spam thread

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    Final giveaway. (Trying to make this a good one)

    merry bootymas
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    Let's try this again lol... Don't delete this one Perwild!

    who didn't see this coming!