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  • Thank you! :cupcake:
    I didn't even get a notification about the promotion. Someone is watching me, that's for sure. :twitcy:
    I just noticed dat rank doe. You are doing well my friend. Keep it up.

    Soooo, what happened to game night? lol
    Gratz on your new rank! Well deserved. Thanks for helping around, i dont know you that much, but all i see from you is good stuff, so keep it up! If you have question(s) or anything, feel free to ask :)
    Thank you for your contribution to our community. Congratulations on your rank up! Hope to see you continue to rise in our ranks. ^_^
    Congrats on the rankup!! Thank you for taking time out of your gaming to recruit people into Fever. That is awesome!!
    Keep this up and you will bust through the ranks and maybe you will apply for OIT?
    Contunie to help the community grow!! bring in those recruits!!
    So what is your method of recruitment?
    Is there something in particular you say?
    Anyways keep up the good work and you will get rewarded everytime!
    My uncle actually works for blizzard, so i got in the friends and family beta, im just behind the times at actually playing! Buyt thanks for the offer!
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