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  • Hey KailJoric! Congratulations on your new Rank of LCPL! Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Hey KailJoric! Congratulations on your new Rank of PFC! Thanks and keep up the good work!


    Welcome to Fever!

    How are you today? Just popping by to say hello and to welcome you to the Fever Clan. I've not been here long myself but I'm loving being here. So many great people and such an inclusive community.

    I've just started playing D3 on PC, but maybe in the not so distant future we can team up and push for those leaderboards?

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, If you have any questions or just fancy a chat I'll be around all day and I'm always just a message away.

    Hey guys, thanks again for the continued welcome messages that's awesome. I'll try to answer some of the questions.

    League I enjoy playing Dr. Mundo and I'm not very good at the game either, I need to get better but have only played it solo never on a team so would be awesome to get to try that out.

    ESO: I just recently bought the game on special through Steam, haven't even really had much time to give it a go. I'm on Daggerfell Alliance and only recently escaped the intro area.

    Borderlands 2 I play on PC through Steam. I'm primarily a PC gamer, I do play consoles from time to time but currently only playing PC titles.

    I'm looking forward to getting a chance to game with all of you and enjoy more team based gaming. I've always been the power-leveler in all my other groups/guilds and so have always played team but usually I was so far out in advance paving the way for the rest that I basically played solo until everyone caught up at max level and by then I was usually burned out.
    Hi KailJoric,

    Nice to see a new face on Fever :)

    I see you play ESO! I recently bought it myself after exhausting Skyrim and Oblivion of all it could give me.

    What's your favriote class and race? Do you play often? What level are you?

    If you ever wanted to it would be great to play with you. I see you also play Borderlands 2! I used to play that on xbox before I moved onto PC gaming.

    If you ever want to chat or game ping me a messge and I will reply when possible

    Welcome to Fever agian :)


    Well we all welcome you into our community along with other members that make up fever. Just a bunch of gamers that play many games across the board in different ways. You have the casual ,and the those who are more competitive .In the end its all about having fun with others.

    Teamspeak im sure youll notice enough that it can be busy at various times and all about hitting the peak hours. Diablo 3 will have a bit of people in it ,if you havent seen it already.

    So any time you are on league add me up ,and lets destroy them salty people. SUNKENR0CK
    Hi, KailJoric. My name is Jam, and I would like to welcome you to Fever! I hope you’re having a great day so far. I saw on your application that you play League of Legends. Who is your favorite champion? What is your current rank? I just started playing League again.:D If you want to add me: Sideways Cat. I haven’t played in over a year so I am not very good. Hopefully, we can play together. At the moment, my main game is Hearthstone. I don’t know what it is but there’s something about that game that makes people obsess. I’ve been looking for more people to play against so if you ever want to try it out, hit me up. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on the forums. I hope you enjoy your time here, and I know you’re going to meet a lot of great people. See you on teamspeak soon! Have a fabulous day!
    Hello there KailJoric. I am so glad you decided to join!!

    Welcome to the Fever Family! I'm looking forward to getting to see you in game, and chatting with you in teamspeak! I hope you enjoy yourself here and come to find Fever the wonderful home that I have.

    If you have any concers/questions please don't hesitate to send me a pm or find me in teamspeak! I realize all of this can be a little overwhelming to start with, as it was for me when I first joined, but you will get the hang of it real quick :)

    I'd also like to provide you with some useful information that I think you will find helpful!

    First off, We have an introduction thread Here. If you would like to get to know other members, and share information about yourself, just pop over there and make a post!

    Secondly, I'm sure you've seen just how many forums we have. So here is a list of the gaming specific ones to help you find your way to something specific you might be interested in!

    RTS and Strategy
    Misc Strategy
    Misc Games

    Now if you are like me, and enjoy checking the forums when you are out and about, or if you are just away from the computer and want to check in, you can do so by utilizing Taptalk. It's pretty easy to

    navigate, but again if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

    Fever uses a rank system Military style much like a lot of gaming clans. Here is a guide to help you understand and see the ranks

    better, and give you an idea on how to get promotions.

    If you are interested in promotions, or just helping the clan out more, Fever Jobs is a good way to do so. There is a list of jobs

    that are available, any of the Enlisted ones are available for you to do!

    Something unique in Fever that I have not seen before is their Fever Coins. It's a reward token system that will

    allow you to purchase things, such as changing another members nickname, purchasing a ts channel, and much more.

    Last but not least if you are interested in connecting with Fever outside of our forums here is a list of our social media links:


    Hopefully these links will help you get acquainted with fever better! Once again welcome to the Fever Community, and I look forward to getting to know you better! Have a great day :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome, I plan to play in Diablo 3 whatever is needed to make a solid 4-man team and run the leaderboards. I prefer playing Crusaders or Monks, but am not against any of the other classes. Looking forward to meeting you all and playing some games with you.
    Hey there KailJoric! Just stopping by to welcome you over here in Fever! :D

    I saw that Emrilia has recruited you, seems that she is getting plenty more Diable 3 people within the Fever ranks! What do you tend to play more of in D3? She actually just got me into the game and I blame her for it everyday haha.

    Just check out the forums, we've even got a cosmetic event for D3 this Saturday, I'll be there so hopefully I can finally meet you on teamspeak!

    Take good care!
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