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    Does anyone need a coach? (Protoss)

    i could take some tips not realy playing ranked so dont think i need a coach. mabey just some tips and tricks
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    Any Co-op players?

    i like doing the co-op stuff every now and then if you wana do some on normal then im in. THRALL#11196
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    Like the campaign?

    i like all 3 campaign's and the co op both are fun should try them out its great
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    posting so im not seen as inactive

    posting on forums so i dont get kicked for inactivity
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    Approved: ironhawk's Application

    Games you play: hearthstone, strarcraft, guildwars 2, star trek online, planetside 2, Main Game: Miscellaneous / Other RPG Age: 21 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: for what game? League of Legends or other Moba Username: dont have one tag: THRALL#11196 MMO Username...