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    Music: What are you listening to right now?

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    Event: Mercy Promo. 2019

    Nah, you've got it all. It just took me 10 hours of watching for some reason.
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    Event: Mercy Promo. 2019

    Hoowee it sure is taking forever to get all these stream sprays. I'll probably just turn on a stream and fall asleep tonight. Anyone else collected all 10 hours worth yet?
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    So what hero do you play?

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    Floor seating options... go!

    The dream is real!
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    I remember that name.
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    gz to yall
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    What type of music do you like to listen to?

    Can't stand almost anything country or religious as far as music goes. Everything else has good stuffs.
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    What would you do?

    The gate thing was obviously a mistake, but if they're already moving your stuff around they should vacuum up the mess they made!
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    What do you drive??

    A lunchbox.
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    So what hero do you play?

    Eh, my most played character changes every couple months. Currently I'm on a win streak with Pharah.
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    Which skin do you think looks best for any hero?

    Ana - Shrike Bastion - Dune buggy D.VA - Officer Doomfist - Leopard Genji - Sentai Hanzo - Cyberninja Junkrat - Hayseed Lucio - Jazzy Mccree - Riverboat Mei - Abominable Mercy - Witch Orisa - Null sector Pharah - Mechaqueen Reaper - Classic Reinhardt - Greifhardt Roadhog - Bajie Soldier: 76 -...
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    Take-Two aka Rockstar's Parent company forces OpenIV to shut down

    I blame Take-Two not Rockstar.
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    TV: Samurai Jack (Season 5)

    It was an unexpected ending to me. Thoroughly enjoyed it.