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  • Hey gordon today is friday november 6 i literalt just graduated navy basic training today. I told you i would be inactive.
    Haaaaappppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BIIIIRTHDAAAAAY!
    Have an awesome awesome party with bunker and friends! I'll just be cheering from here. All alone. Yeah.

    Don't mind me. ._.

    Seriously though, best wishes, and may there be many more happy burstdays to come! :)

    Let us know what you get up to! Have a good day!
    Definitely feel that not enough tagging has occurred, I will need to remedy this.
    I don't make fights up, my dear Heather. I don't decide the winner. And if you really wanna see who won, you might have to wait for me to write the duel up. ^^
    I'll say one thing. I won't say who the winner is, but the duel was close as fuk. It was amazing to watch. And you two were cute at the end ^^
    Yep, I'm on a family trip. Mom's 50th birthday. :)
    I hope so! I think it'll start to become more noticed as I write it. Hopefully it'll snowball. If you want someone's profile, now's a great time to tag them there! Let the taghammer spamhammer begin! :)
    I am good as well. Chilling at the super luxurious hotel with my crappy phone in hand, out of things to do and waiting to go down and eat dinner so the day can end.
    I miss my computer at home. And I miss Fever and I miss Teamspeak and I miss everyone and AAAARGH. But I'm enjoying the holiday while it lasts. I'm itching to write your profile along with Emmy's, but I can't. Not until I get a proper keyboard.
    I'm also thinking of describing duels from my world. They go on, and on, and on... Can you imagine yourself fighting Bunkerbuster? Damn that was a good duel!! He's your lover there btw. Any chance he's something similar in this world? ^^
    I wanna spread the word about that thread in the literature section, but I don't know how. I just want to see some interest like I did in the last clan I was in. :(
    I'm super hyped about coming back this Sunday! There's TONS of stuff to be done! :)
    Ohai thar. :) How ar yuu? ^^
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