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  • almost 6 months and still no rank up woopwoop
    blablabla thats all i hear from everyone <3 :D
    i like cookies
    wtf is your forum icon lol.
    blalalalala .-.
    Doublepost n00b!
    hate that song that is always in your mind D:
    Twitch give this guy a fallow hes a awesome dude
    What up hex, welcome to Fever! I played SMITE way back in the $30 beta buy in. I love me some Ra and Anubis. I always preferred the Arena game mode for some reason, maybe because it was a change of pace from the typical objective based game. Do you play other MOBA's? We have a pretty active Heroes of the Storm division if you are ever interested.

    I hope you have a long and enjoyable stay with Fever. If you ever need anything or want to play, don’t hesitate to send me a PM. One of Fever’s core values to me is community, so feel comfortable to browse the different sections and hop into different TS channels and just say hello! The LFG channels work really well for finding teammates.

    Welcome again and see you in game,

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