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  • It's Time! Are You Ready?

    [video=youtube_share;dG3uPqEdGik]https://youtu.be/dG3uPqEdGik?list=PLweAHILVNaTqzaESWJyUYQsbSPRg7DS4 g[/video]
    Welcome to Fever my name is Worggy.

    I have been in Fever for several months. Have nothing but great things to say about Fever. What do you think of it so far?

    I play most games so if you ever are looking for someone to play with give me a shout.

    Worggy’s Information

    Btag- Worggy#1983

    Steam- Worggy

    I am one of the Youtube Co-Leads we are always looking for fellow Youtubers and if interested PM me and we can talk or catch me in TS.

    Welcome ye ole smite player who have cometh to fever and joined the ranks among others who have sought out the halls of this clan. To which i say ,are you ready to game !

    In all seriousness though, good to have another smite player to the group . Where we have a mixture of both NA and EU players. Which are even depending on the times you are on . So dont worry about not finding anyone ,trust me .

    Even on Saturdays that have gamenights you can join. So do check out the discussions on the forum,with various topics on patches,thoughts,or experiences. Can give you a good hint on who plays,so you can even message a few people .Even with a few of us doing the quests.

    For smite i go by SUNKENR0CK ,with the O being a zero

    P.S Greetings teach
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