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  • My Blu-rays for Haruhi just shipped.

    Praise FUNI for rereleasing it
    I personally think we need more FATE animu, and Im kind of scared of a one movie Heavens Feel, WAY too much story for a 2-3 hour movie
    you see that Ufotable is gonna make a Tales of Zestiria Animu?
    why is Kyo Ani having bad seasons again?
    So I watched the episode that GIF was from ,

    I lose more and more faith every day with the anime industry
    Free Ballard? I guess? I prefer "Viva Ballard!"
    So far I am getting a much better vibe from this season of RWBY then usual!
    congratulations on your rankup Master Gunnery Sergeant Sergeant !! well deserved
    Congrats on your rank up! keep up the good work!
    Congratulations on your rank up to Master Gunnery Sergeant Sergeant. We appreciate your contributions to the Anime Section. Keep up the good work!

    Fox ~
    Was there ever any doubt ?
    I'm up to current now , just fell behind when my webs decided to give me a big middle finger
    Oh god, now we have a tsundere coffin princess with a whip sword?

    Best anime ever
    Seriously, coffin princess is almost KyoAni levels of moe
    your avatar,

    Such Moe
    Many magicks
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