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    Music: What are you listening to right now?

    I enjoyed listening to this album today while playing Starcraft 2. It's calming.
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    StarCraft 2 Roster

    Glad to be on the roster! Went from Bronze 1 to Silver 3 top 25 so I guess my game has gotten a little better mostly due to better health and personal development.
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    Game Night! Thursday!

    Thanks as always for the mention! I really appreciate you all!
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    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #300

    The Member spotlight with Bogo was amazing, really enjoyed reading that. Cool on the 300th issue, even as a newer member of about 5ish month-ers it's cool to read a little bit about the beginnings of Fever Clan. The memes and cartoon jokes were good on this issue too. Lots of cool game stuff...
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    Event: FSL June Sign Ups

    Staying active on Fever Clan web, but taking a break from SCII. Life has been more demanding. Part time homeschooling via online studying music marketing and calculus. Part time Uber. Part time church. Part time writing music. Miss you guys! :) -Gloriserve New release coming out in July from...
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    Banana Bread Recipe

    So one day I was tired of waiting for my grandma to make something dessert type, so I started making banana bread. Recipe Name: Banana Bread Plus (Adapted from Cuisine: American Bakery Time (Prep/Cooking): 70-90min (60min to cook) Takes longer if you are slow at mixing...
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    StarCraft 2 Roster

    Hey Synizta, Gloriserve here. Add me on! Battlenet tag armapuros#1664 -Kevin
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    Hey Feverclan! Some links to my other content, if you like nice melodic EDM with catchy fun...

    Hey Feverclan! Some links to my other content, if you like nice melodic EDM with catchy fun music that I write myself go here: Arma Puros | Free Listening on SoundCloud To see a good bit of my art archive go here
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    Event: Psi-Ops Academy

    Psi Ops Schedule Thursday night might work well for me 9pm would cut it a little close to the end of a meeting that I leave at around 9-930pm California Pacific Time (PST) Besides that Friday nights are good. -Gloriserve
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    SC2 March Tournament

    Battle Tag This is my battle tag armapuros#1664 that is my signup see you all at the tournament! -Gloriserve
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    Hey Joyyan! I am a recent add to the Fever Clan in the last couple months. Just wanted to...

    Hey Joyyan! I am a recent add to the Fever Clan in the last couple months. Just wanted to tell you that everyone I've met so far in the Fever Clan have been amazing. This is a good clan. Glad to "make your aquaintance" -gloriserve
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    News: SC2 Special Report 2/19

    Battle Tag as Requested Hey Arimil! As a Starcraft II player I am posting my battlenet tag as requested armapuros#1664 I play on the USA server. Let me know if there's any more info you need. I am not in a SC2 phase for the time being but I will always keep up on the fever clan...
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    SC2 March Tournament

    Hey Synizta, Thanks for tagging me, it feels nice to be included. I won't be participating in the tourney, but I appreciate the invitation. -Gloriserve
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    SilentTheBro lol if I was illuminati and human I would probably not be able to look in the mirror or have anxiety problems etc. Bang I am totally open to interpretation of my art/imagination expressed on paper. I only really call it "math" of sorts to categorize it as something. They say being...
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    What is your favorite question to ask a youngin'? Well mine is, "Hey bud, do you like math?" In all seriousness. I either get yes or no. If I get a yes that's great and I then ask what level of math they are learning and that's fun. Math is one of my favorite subjects outside of my music...