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  • I changed my MC Password, let me know if you need access to it. I couldn't remember it and I had the urge mang :)
    Congratulations on the promotion to Master Sergeant!! Keep up the good work, your dedication certainly shows! :)
    That's a relief! We'll be happy to have you back, whether it's next week or next month, we're not going anywhere!

    Likewise man, pleasure is all mine. :)
    Congratz on the promotion. You are a great asset to the clan. Keep up the good work!
    Garrett, man, how you been? Your bubbly personality is definitely missed around here and I hope nothing but good things for you.

    Congratulations on your promotion, it's a small thanks for everything you've done for Fever family. Chin up, buddy!
    Congrats on Master Sergeant! Hope fever is treating you well! keep up the good work.
    Can't wait till you get back :). I'm glad things are going well. I was very worried for you and what your life would become because you're such a great person, it's a definite relief to hear that.
    Congrats on the promotion to MSG, Garrett! How's life coming along man? You settled things with the significant other? I'd love to hear from you man. You know how to get to me! :)
    Stay strong.
    Grats on gunnery!! Congratulations on the new baby! keep up the awesome work!
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