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  • The Fever Clan Welcomes You!!
    Hello, GalahadPendragon, I want to welcome you into fever and give you a few links that I found helpful when I first joined Fever. These are all of the links a new member like yourself would need to help better his/her self in this wonderful gaming community.

    If you are interested in getting to know people you can check out there introduction here as well as post your own introduction.

    Let's say you are on vacation and you want to see what is going on with Fever, but you dont have your latop or computer. Well there is a smart phone app that can help you with that, it's called TapaTalk I dont personally have it, but I've heard it's really good

    If you are interested in futher involving yourself with the community by applying for a Fever Job, the whole list of available jobs, like this one :D check this out.

    Fever has a very unigue Rewards system, Fever Coins are a great way of rewarding people for various reasons such as recruitment to promotions to everything in between you can find out more right here for a full run down of Fever Coins

    Fever has a military hierarchy starting from Private all the way up to General, you can learn more about this right here and also view the requirements for each rank.
    Welcome to FeverClan, GalahadPendragon :D My name is Angel and I love your name =p At least the Pendragon part for sure :D I use that name for a few things myself ^-^

    I see that you like to play League of Legends :D I have played that game for a long time and can see the enjoyable parts about it :) Which champion is your favorite? For me, Annie is the best! Super cute :D I love her quotes, her skins and her abilities. Which champion do you think is the most fun to play? At the moment, Kindred is super fun for me. I like playing her in weird roles with my friends xD Have you ever went bot with a friend? If so, what is the strangest duo you've done? My friend and I always used to play Fiora and Talon and it was really nice :)

    If you ever need any help with anything, please feel free to message me :D I'd love to help the best that I can ^-^

    Angel out =p
    Greetings! GalahadPendragon!

    My name is The Rev, and i'd like to personally welcome you to Fever!
    I see that you play League of Legends How do you like it? Who is your favorite Champion? How long have you played League of Legends? I've never really played League of Legends, but i've heard its really fun! There are a lot of League of Legends players here in Fever! I'm sure you will find like minded players to game with!
    I play a lot of SMITE. But i'm up to play just about anything! I Hope you enjoy your time here, i know i have! :)
    If you need anything, feel free to contact me via forums or teamspeak.

    Happy Gaming
    -The Rev
    Hey GalahadPendragon :)

    ~ Welcome to the one and only FeverClan! I hope you feel welcomed and excited to become a part of this wonderful community. My name is iDell and I’m looking forward to seeing you around. I’m incredibly friendly and laidback and I enjoy meeting other gamers like you! My main game is League of Legends and I play several other RPGs. If you see me around TS, feel free to come speak with me.

    ~ As a new member of Fever Clan, you should tell others some quality things about yourself here at Fever Introductions. Other members will be able to see this and will get the chance to know you right away. :)

    ~ If you want to keep updated while being away from your desktop, you should download Tapatalk. Follow Fever Clan and keep up with the latest posts!

    ~ An amazing way to contribute and to get more involved is to get Fever Jobs. Fever is always welcoming members in their different job departments. Along with your hard work and participation comes with great rewards!

    ~ One of the rewards are Fever Rank and Promotions. As you become more involved within the community, your rank will increase in no time. Another reward is Fever Coins. Learn how to spend them and have fun!

    ~ Once again, congrats that you’re finally a part of the Fever family ! PM me anytime if you have any questions, comments or concerns. ^^
    Hello GalahadPendragon, welcome to Fever

    Let me start to introduce meself, i'm Tigeax but most people just call me Jesse.

    When i looked at your application i saw that you play League of Legends. What is your favorite champion to play? I never really played League of Legends myself, i tried i one and got rekt by bots, not really my game.

    I play a lot of Smite, it's my main game for about 2 years now. Do you play Smite or did you ever try it?
    If you find me on Teamspeak feel free to hop in.

    If there is anything i can help you with feel free to ask.

    Have a good day.
    Hi, GalahadPendragon. My name is Jam, and I would like to welcome you to Fever! I hope youre having a great day so far. I saw on your application that you play League of Legends. Who is your favorite champion? What is your current rank? I use to play League of Legends; however I stopped a year ago. I played it for a short amount of time then so I wasnt super good at the game. My friends who I played with at the time were awesome at the game. I do have a cat named Rengar. :3 At the moment, my main game is Hearthstone. I dont know what it is but theres something about that game that makes people obsess. Ive been looking for more people to play against so if you ever want to try it out, hit me up. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on the forums. I hope you enjoy your time here, and I know youre going to meet a lot of great people. See you on teamspeak soon! Have a fabulous day!
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