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  • congrats on your rank up my man!
    Congrats on your promotion to Sergeant! And I see you also joined the fever weekly staff, great things yet to come from you I am sure.
    Thank you for the donation!
    Hey Forad, Welcome to fever!

    You have just taken the first step towards joining our sacred brotherhood of gamers.

    Here are some links that you should check out.
    Members Discussion
    Open Discussion

    Shooty go boom boom (Shooter Games)
    M to the O to the B to the A! (MOBA)
    Vooosh *Explosion sound effect* Dragons mages and warriors (RPG)
    Blowing things up IN REAL TIME (RTS)
    Blowing shit up while dragons fly above tanks which fight in real time (Misc Games)

    This is me throwing social media at you
    - Fever Facebook
    - Fever Youtube
    - Fever Twitter
    Damn, Nice catch

    Well that's about it, Welcome to the clan man!
    If you need any help with anything fever related or just want to play a game, Shoot me a PM im more then happy to help.
    Good luck, Have fun and kill giant lobster monster's
    Welcome to the clan homie!
    Forad, I hope your stay here at Fever is an amazing one!

    If you had any questions, concerns, complaints, or just want somebody to talk to, you are always more than welcome to come find me on TeamSpeak or PM me on the forums. I am a very approachable person as well as majority of this clan so please feel at home!

    Curious about what goes on in Fever? Check out these links!

    Shooter Games
    Competition Central
    Open Discussion
    Members Discussion

    Check out our Social Network Sites as well!

    ~Facebook Page~
    ~Youtube Page~
    ~Twitter Page~

    And welcome once again to the clan! Come talk to me and all of the others on TeamSpeak! I've learned over time that this community is awesome and you'll find out soon enough!

    -Epic :cool:
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