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  • Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy 32nd birthday comrade
    Hi! yes it's a very team-based game and the roles are Hunter (what you would refer to as DPS), Assassin, Mage (can be support), Warrior (can be support) and Guardian (Tank)
    It's not like MMO's but in order to succeed you need to work as a team even if you don''t get the kills, working together is the key to success (comboing abilities with your teammates etc...)
    Hey man first off my name is Nick and nice to meet you. First off dota and league have to different play styles league has the most basic play style because of the mechanics in the game. In Dota there is a mechanic where there is up hill attacks which have a chance to miss. I mean there are other differences in the game its actually kinda hard to list them all like last hitting and items and builds to help people if they are new. I personally only play dota and very rarely play league. If you ever want hit me up and i can play with you and show you the ropes. Nice to meet you and have a blessed day.
    Hello Firefighter4ISU,

    Thank you for the welcome!
    I used to play league alot but I haven't touched it for a month (playing Path of Exile).
    On the EUW server I am level 30 and Gold 5 in ranked, however on the NA server I am level 6.

    I used to "main" support but I've grown into Top and Mid lane.
    My favourite champions are: Riven, Zed, Yasuo, Thresh, Ezreal and Blitzcrank.
    What role is your favourite? do you have champions that you like?

    The game takes some time to get used to and it's best to just take it easy and learn at your own pace.
    My best advice is.. is to pick up easy champions such as Annie, Garen and master Yi.
    They have simple kits and don't require alot of skill to be effective.
    I am not the best player but if u got questions u can ask me :).

    I will add you but do you play on NA or EUW?

    Good luck on the game!
    Currently I am really enjoying it over the LoL style. I like the team based more than the individual based play. I also like the objectives for each map. I will probably switch my time between this and Diablo 3 whan season 4 starts though.
    Hi! I pretty much only play Riven, and I can play her either top or mid. I'm only level 13, so I'm still learning as well. I'll make sure to find you next time I'm playing!
    i like sejuani, and riven is my main two choices. Im level 26, should add me on league, Catlyn2009 is the name. Whats yours
    Thank you for the welcome!
    I main Yi jungle if I have a choice :) I also like Xin Zhao and Vi. Soft spot in my heart for Amumu and Rammus, but the new jungle is kind of rough on them.
    ^-^ thanks for the welcome :) Hope to see you in a game XD
    It has been re-vamped a lot. The race roles have really changed.
    How I see it (though im not that good) Aside from all the cheese and all-in type strategies that you see a lot, a standard game the races kind of go like:
    Toss - defend and mass up until 200/200 deathball and go crush
    Terran - lots of different harrass while building up into your desired army
    Zerg - reactionary, expo and gain econ advantage and be able to win by outproducing later
    I haven't played the new expansion LotV yet, but I hear it really changes the mechanics of the game in terms of starting minerals, less minerals per base forcing either shorter games or more aggressive expos, aside from the additional new units.
    Hey, sorry for the late welcome I have been busy recently and just wanted to say welcome to clan and hope you enjoy your stay here at fever! Just shoot questions over to me about the clan.
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