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  • Greetings Fangs

    It’s so nice to see another member join us here at Fever. I hope you do enjoy yourself here at Fever and I welcome you personally. Anyway if you ever have an issue with anything on the forums or on TeamSpeak please don't hesitate
    to message either myself or an Officer about your issue and we will help you out as much as we can until the issue is resolved. Anyway I noticed you play League, What champs do you play the most? im currently getting into sejuani!
    I hope to see you around on the forums and on the TeamSpeak, adios and out.
    Hey man welcome to Fever, I saw that you play League of Legends. What is your favorite thing about LoL? Who is your favorite champ? favorite PRO team if you have one? And i hope you meet some pretty cool people, see you on the Rift.
    Good morning and welcome to Fever, Fangs! It's always great to see more new people joining Fever each and every day. Even if it is just for the wild and fun names we see.

    I hope you enjoy your time with us and that you meet some really great people here. I bet no matter which game you play with us, you will be a valuable asset. If there is anything you need help with feel free to ask. You're probably ready to get back to gaming so I will leave you alone now lol.

    Until we meet again, we are glad to have you here.
    Welcome to Fever! I read your application and saw you played LoL. It's not something I could get into I don't believe. It looks awesome, but also looks very confusing to me. It may be because I've never given it a chance, but I have friends that play it daily and watching them and listening, it just seems too complicated for me lol. Anyways, welcome to the Clan, and if you have any questions feel free to give me a shout. Look forward to seeing you around!
    Welcome to Fever Fangs, I'm Clavat

    Nice to meet you and hope you have a nice stay here in our clan. I have been here for some months it has been a good experience in my gamer life and also my new home.

    I see your main game is League of Legends, do you have any favorite character? what about a specific role and lane? are you in any division? do you have any goals in this game?

    I hope you enjoy our community and feel free to ask me any questions on forums or Teamspeak, take care and have fun.

    Aloha Fangs!

    My name is Nne and as one of Fever's youngest players, I'd like to personally welcome you to the clan!

    I see that you're a League of Legends player. Personally, I don't think it's the type of game for me and I prefer to play SMITE but there are many people in Fever who will be more than happy to have you joining in with them! Who's your favourite to play? Do you play any other mobas? A lot of people in fever love to play league of legends and then some really dislike the game. What's your favourite thing about it? Also, do you play any other games besides LoL?

    I hope to speak to you soon on teamspeak and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me or poke me on Teamspeak.

    Heyo! Welcome to Fever,Fangs! I hope you have a blast here in our community and you get along with everyone you meet!

    If you have any concerns or questions or just wanna hang out feel free to send me a PM or to any other Fever members you may know, or talk to one of us on the TS: ts.feverclan.com
    you can find me on the Dota 2 channel.

    We as a community like to know more about our members and like to share interests with them, so why don't you head here Intoductions So you can introduce yourself and get to know you better!

    Always remember to check the forums for your interests, like news, tournaments, guides, lessons on certain games or people to play with or even games to buy with your Fever Coins. You can find every thing you need to know about the coins right there!

    Also as you may have a notion about it, here in the community we rank up, either for being here a long period of time or for helping out in our jobs in the community here I'll leave you a link to it if you want to check it from time to time! Rank up

    Now to the game part!

    Here at the community we have a variety of players and you can find all them in their diferente sections, just go on the one that is of your most interest and have fun!


    And if you want a little bit more of indie games or competition jump over here and have a look on our game nights and tournaments!

    *Competition Central

    Oh! And don't forget we also have our social media section like us and subscribe so you can get the latest news from the community


    I hope you have a great time here! And remember if you have bout or want to talk feel free to PM me! See ya around!

    Hello and welcome to Fever, Fangs!!

    First off, I hope you were able to figure out the application process easily enough. The forums have a lot of great content but it can be a little tricky navigating at first. I know that I was a little overwhelmed when I joined!

    With that said, I wanted to make sure you are able to find the important things right away.

    **Introduce Yourself! Your application only lets us know the gamer side of you and we want to know more! Start your own thread in our Introduction section using this template, or my own introduction, as an example.
    **Stay Connected! Use Tapatalk to stay active on the forums while away from your computer.
    **Fever Coins. What are they, how do you get them, and what do you do with them?? Learn everything you need to know about Fevers coin system here.
    **PVT, COL, LDR... What does it mean? The Ranks and Promotions guide explains the clans ranking structure and includes all of the abbreviations youll see on TeamSpeak.
    **Get Involved! Check the Fever Jobs Listing to see if any of the open jobs seem interesting. Holding a job can reward you with fever coins, promotions and its an easy way to meet other members of the clan!

    I have only been with Fever for a short while but everyone has been extremely welcoming and Im confidant you will have the same experience. Please send me a private message or find me on TeamSpeak if you have any questions.

    I hope to see you around soon!! :)

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