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  • I just wanted to drop in and say that I miss you!!!
    Happy Birthday!
    Dani time needs to occur sometimes my friend lol. hope all been well for ya and should figure out a way to text cid lol
    you always seem to get on when i cant haha so you have to pick a day and we having the Lux of Shame day as i call it where one of us has to lux it up! sadly i cannot today or tomorrow but we need Ciderino time for some lux of shame :)
    im always doing well im Cid :) just coaching lustrum on teamspeak lol
    hope all has been well for you Dani. been awhile
    Hey Emrilia, how are you doing? Not seen you around much recently, everything okay?
    Dani Time Dani Time Dani Time!
    So happy to see ya back! Looking forward to our chats!
    wheeeeerreeeee doooo you..... GOOOOOO :wtf:
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