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    Mountain / Pacific Time zone players ?

    Feel free to send me a message aswell. Im mountain time and normally am home by 530 during the week.
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    I plan on going DH impale and possibly last seasons new monk build.
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    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Newsletter #442

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    Season 20 Meta Trash Killer

    Ill probably run Whirlrend barb and a WD this upcoming season
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    Season 20 Meta Trash Killer

    if you need a hand an no ones around let me know. dzmbkilla#1992
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    Season 20 Meta Trash Killer

    Yea always excited to see new ptr releases but then i kinda get burnt out during season since it takes so long to start.
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    Looking for help in Misc Shooters!

    What happened to apex.
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    What happened to discord

    Thanks that's probably it.
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    What happened to discord

    Now almost all the rooms are gone and ive heard you have to be tagged for the "secret rooms" to be able to see them. its become harder and harder to play games with people
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    Does anyone play on console?

    i have it for the switch, its super hard to communicate with people.
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    Origin Names

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    Season 3 is live. Lets make this an active season.

    PC player looking for members to play with to grind rank. New map and alot of new changes
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    Apex activity.

    Is apex dead for the clan? I would say a solid 2 months of empty discord channels for apex.