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  • Welcome to Fever clan my friend and family.
    So my name is Costakilla and I'm here to help understand the clan or answer any questions you have for me.

    Shooter Forums
    MOBA (I play leauge so if you ever wanna hit me up on that then my IGN is Costakilla18)
    Misc. Games

    So in the clan we do tend to give out rewards and if you want to see them for yourself and you want to achieve them then this is the link you will find that have requests for some rewards and how you can achieve them.

    But if your not interested in the awards then we have a Competition Central you can always check out and there are a lot people that play CS:GO and they play competitively so you like that kind of stuff then hit this one up.
    Competition Central

    But if you have any trouble with any of this and you would like some help them feel free and it is free to hit me up. No shipping and handling, No 19.95 per word i say nothing it is free to hit me up. Lol i thought I would put some humor in this.

    Clan Mate ,
    Costakilla - God of the killas.
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