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  • I would say happy birthday but I'm too gangster for that.
    This new haute couture is pretty nice:
    Damn crap how could prescribe me this awful...
    I'm now going to bath me in disgrace or in baked beans with sausages on the head... hmm, I think I'll take the second choice
    Let me say this:
    Evertime I'm reading something about your country, I've to think about you:
    Muaha, there's our two star general.
    Congratz on that, Mister Potato!
    Congrats buddy! You've earned it :D
    Congratulations on your rank up!
    Congrats on the rank up^^

    Have a nice new year and praise the potatoes!
    Do the Idaho potato drop:
    Just looking on the jobs page and noticed that there are some openings for Content Creator. I play D3 more than anything, but am rank 16 /w 4-- games on HotS, as well as SC2, but haven't played it a lot.

    I would be most interested in the D3 group, but if there is a need in any others more than D3 let me know.

    Also let me know if I need to do anything to specific for the job.
    Not much you?
    Yeah, instead praise to potatoes
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