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  • Congrats on the rank-up. Keep up the good work.
    Welcome back CoasterSky!
    Welcome back CoasterSky, I hope to see you around.
    Welcome back
    I'm happy to hear you're already connecting with people, and that some are challenging you! If you wanna jump into D3 anytime, just let me know and I (or others in Fever) would love to help you out. And don't hesitate to message me or jump in my TS channel if you need anything!

    Welcome to FeverClan CoasterSky! I noticed on your application that you play LoL! Well, that happens to be my favorite game! Been playing for 4 or 5 years now, and im STILL BAD!! lol...but i try my hardest!
    I love Azir, Lucian, AND THE NEW CHAMPION KINDRED! absolutely LOVE HER! Mobility , the %AD HP Passive. Makes her super broke with BOTRK. You basically cant itemize against her!

    Anyways enougha bout me, tell me about you. FAvorite champ? rank? role?
    Greetings CoasterSky

    It’s so nice to see another member join us here at Fever. I hope you do enjoy yourself here at Fever and I welcome you personally. Anyway if you ever have an issue with anything on the forums or on TeamSpeak please don't hesitate to message any Fever member about your issue and we will help you out as much as we can until the issue is resolved. Please just PM or message any Fever member on the forums or TeamSpeak about it and they will help us you as much as they can to resolve your issue. Anyway I noticed you play League of Legends, what's your favourite champion and role do you play? I play ADC/Sup and I love Ahri, but I don't play the game that much unfortunately. Anyway I hope to see you around on the forums and on the TeamSpeak, adios and out.
    Greetings CoasterSky!

    Great to have you in |Fever|! I've only been in |Fever| a short time but I LOVE it. I saw in your application that you main Smite, which is cool because |Fever| has a strong playerbase for that and several other games. My main game is Diablo 3 and I've already met a lot of people that I play with nearly every night. Head over to the forums because posting is a great way to get to know people better, help us to get you know you better and to get ahead and contribute to |Fever| Clan.

    I'm online most nights, but in the Diablo 3 channels on Teamspeak. Feel free to PM me or catch me on TS if you need anything or have any questions. Hope to see you around! Laters!

    Hey CoasterSky!

    Welcome to FeverClan! Glad to see you here and hope to see you around some time. There are definitely some SMITE players here and I'm sure if you hop into a team speak room you will have some great games, head over to the SMITE forum and get chatting with some like minded gamers!

    Here are some useful links to check out!

    Drop us an introduction and tell us a bit about yourself!

    You can use the mobile app from to keep up with all the forum news on the go!

    Are you looking to progress and slice through the ranks of FeverClan? Then check out the available & current Fever Jobs

    Whilst youre in FeverClan you gain Fever Coins and this also applies to game nights and such, these can then be used to buy personal team speak channels and even change other members nicknames (for a limited time)

    Ever wondered about the structure of FeverClan or just what the ranks are or mean? Head over to the Rank Guide and this is all the info you'll need!

    I hope this info helps out; any questions just give a shout. Enjoy your stay!

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