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  • Sorry for being so inactive and only getting to your message now. I have been extremely busy with my life, but I plan to be more active on here.

    I have played some Heroes of the Storm and I enjoy it ^u^ I would love to play sometime in the future!

    Good job on recruiting! I gave you a rank up! Keep it up!
    Play more sc2.

    Then maybe you can get out of your skrub state of being a filthy non-sc2 player.
    Great work and congratulations on your rank up!
    Thanks for all your work within the HotS section!! For that, you have received a rank up! Keep it up! What is your favorite part of the game?
    Congrats on the Rank Up, whatever you are doing keep it up!
    i see,glad to hear that.and i hope to see u in the EU kickin ass (maybe?).
    Ay Co2Noss,thx for the walkcome
    about skyforge its still in closed beta,in the 4th phase of cb precisely wich i am pretty happy to be part on.this will be the 1st time i ll play,however it look pretty promising.what about u wich game do u play ?
    Thank you, I appreciate it.
    Thanks Co2! I'll be seeing you around soon in HoTS.
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