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  • Congrats on the promotion :D
    Thanks for the interview bro :)
    Nice work on another rank up! Keeping up the forum activity is very important and we want to let you know that is doesn't go unnoticed and it's much appreciated! The Smite section is always alive and we thank you for it! :D
    Actually... 3rd message! Congrats on ranking up to Gunnery Sergeant, your forum activity must be rockin' :ghost: Great to have active members, we love it! Hope you keep it up! Have an amazing day :cupcake:
    Congrats on the rank up. Your moving on up in fever good job
    My second message for you! Woah, rank up again?! How awesome, congrats on Staff Sergeant! What keeps you so active? :cupcake: :ghost:

    Good job and congrats on being ranked up to Staff Sergeant! Now, you can have a staff while you do sergeant-y duties! But really, congrats and it's good to know we still have active members within the clan that are continuing to work their way through the ranks! Maybe some time we can play something together?
    CONGRATS on you rank up to SSGT. your performance and activity on the forums is a vital part about being in feverclan it not only gets you out in the eyes of leadership/clan members but it also help out your fellow members if thy have any questions and the post u make may have answered so many questions. so again CONGRATS on your rank up and keep up the good work.
    You ranked up! Congrats! I love the gif you have on your profile, whats it from?
    Congrats on the rank up Chronubis! See you around in smite :)!
    Great job on helping with the Newsletter! I seen you have been recruiting some also. Keep up the activity in the Smite area. Even though League is much better, we all can't play the right game :p Thanks so much for the work you put in, it doesn't go unnoticed!
    Congrats on rankup and Thanks sooooo much for recruiting people to help grow our community. It is awesome to see that you take time out of your day to spread the name!
    If you keep up the work at this pace you will bust through the ranks!!
    So what are your recruiting methods?
    Do you have anything in particular you say in order to get peoples attention?
    Anyways keep up the good work!!!
    Congrats on ranking up. Your activity is huge on the forums and you deserve this as much as the PoW. Happy to see someone so driven to recruit and grow this community. Thank you so much! Keep it up man, not too long before you'll rank up again.
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