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    Marauder clan proposed scrim

    As fun as it sounds, I think some people will end up taking it too seriously, and that's unavoidable.
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    FML Tournament #3

    My availability depends on whether I'll be able to get off work early or not, so I won't be able to commit to a team. Maybe I can be a sub, or show up and get placed on a team with other soloQs.
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    A Historical Timeline of the HotS Ranking System and how Blizzard Screwed up Every Single Time

    In case you haven't seen it yet, Blizzard has acknowledged the issues in the latest patch, and looks like they're going to change it: Placement and Ranking System Update
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    PAX Prime this weekend!

    I'm very curious to see how Asia competes with the west. Vastly different meta from each side.
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    Very excited for the beta!!!
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    KT chain bomb take-down explanation - learn it, use it, pwn all.....

    Sylvannas' unstable poison behaved the same way, and then they nerfed it so that each target can only be hit by the explosion once. I figure this is going to be fixed in the same way.
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    Is the monk going to have a high place in the meta?

    Stats can always be tuned, but concept-wise, Kharazim will be very strong, and we're gonna see a lot of him in competitive. The reason why Kharazim is strong is because he has so much early game mobility, damage, and also gives a movespeed buff. In competitive, the early game is dominated by...
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    A Historical Timeline of the HotS Ranking System and how Blizzard Screwed up Every Single Time

    Blizzard introduced a new ranking system in Heroes of the Storm that was unlike any other ranking system seen in previous games. What the ranking system was supposed to be is an internal Elo system measuring your MMR and an external rank telling you your approximate placement relative to other...
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    Longest Game?

    I had a game go over an hour on Tomb of the Spider Queen. That's why they had to buff the spiders in the most recent patch. The spiders are terrible at sieging the core, and the map is too small to safely boss.
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    Storm Lords Amateur Tournament

    Our team ended up getting 3rd, winning 50 points. Woot!
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    When to do boss

    You want to take a boss when you have enough of an advantage to take a boss safely, but not a fort. The main purpose of the boss is to let it split push another lane while you attack a fort, or allow you to attack with the boss, negating the enemy's home field advantage while attacking a fort...
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    List of heroes not to be picked/used

    I'm fine with any hero in QM, except for Tassadar and Tyrande. I wouldn't be surprised if those two heroes have less than 25% win rate in QM. Blizzard enforcing equal number of supports on each side has really shafted those two heroes. It's nearly impossible to win without a healer in higher...
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    New player games

    I've been wanting to learn how to play Dota! Anyone on NA?
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    Best Smartphone

    Blu Vivo IV It's a new Android phone made by a new startup company. The specs and design are excellent, it's extremely cheap, and comes unlocked.