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  • Congrats on your promotion! Keep it up!! :D
    Thank you cateyez :)
    Always doing the job with great effort! Congrats on ranking up to Staff Sergeant, you really do deserve it :cupcake: Awesome to have you on the team, you do a great job. :ghost: Have a nice day!
    I really like having people to play with every time I come online. Fever is well organized and very active.
    Congrats on your promotion! I hear smite is pretty fun, I may have to get it and play it some. See you around the forums and teamspeak and thank you for your dedication to the community.
    Thanks a lot! Appreciate it! :)
    Thanks! I'd have to go with Ah Muzen Cab. Not sure why, he was just one of the first gods I really gravitated towards and I dig his kit.
    Hey Cateyez, Congrats on the Rank up! Staff Sergeant is a great accomplishment and thanks for being so loyal to fever! I see you play smite. We will have to play some time if you dont mind playing with a super super newb!
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