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  • hey, what's your LoL name? I'm tracking games played for the stats department and couldn't find your application
    gta online is fun but im gonna be careful not to play if the cloud server is down
    I've heard that was happening a lot. I haven't checked if my guy is still there, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's not. Rockstar said that the data may be lost for good though. If you make another character be sure to do it in the other slot
    you can join the crew here Rockstar Games Social Club - Fever Clan
    yeah i got to the point where I couldn't load a mission and then it said "press X to go back to GTAV" and pressing X did absolutely nothing so I gave up. I've got some football games to watch and some exam corrections to do, but after that I may be getting on
    thanks :D and Hmm mostly BL2 on PS3. I got RE6, and AC3 as well :D and IK!! I'm soo getting BO2 too!!!!
    mine is manatikik. I'll donload convictio no nthis thing tonight.
    Thanks for the offer but I haven't played that game in a long time, I don't think I have it installed. Add me on Steam anyway, you never know!
    Hahaha yup yup I'm stoked ^_^ and IK!! But I'm glad it did! Summer is too lang now...I love school soo much!! I just wanna go all the time and maybe just have a week or two off here and there hahah NERD >_<
    ANd really? Never heard of it >_< I'm not much of a steamer >_< I have an account I never use and I just got my buddy's old account to play Dota 2 which is pretty cool ^_^
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