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  • Hello caLmdown, just stopping by to let you know I am the new XO Leader of 1-1-4 along side of the CO MorbidLemming. Any questions or concerns you have, please feel free to message me. Hope you continue to have a wonderful time gaming here with FeverClan!
    Ugh, another rank up already? Stop being so greedy with them! You still enjoying Tera? I'm sorry I am being so slack with it, been really busy lately but I do play to continue playing! Keep up the good work man!
    I am playing the Witcher trilogy right now, but mostly play Smite and Hearthstone.
    Well, well.. We meet yet again.. I've been to several pages like 3 times this month haha :cupcake: Congrats on ranking up to Master Sergeant! I think I'm gonna visit a few times more! Keep up the forum acitivty, you're doing a great job :ghost:
    congrats on ranking up, what's your favorite game right now?
    My main games are LoL and GTA but I haven't been playing because I have finals! How about you, what do you play?
    Yeah I did BRNM, got only one Ambit piece though. Hopefully we can start helping the new 65s run dungons.
    muuahaha, I'm a mind reader don't ya know? My favorite is green :ghost:
    Hey look! New Rank up! Congrats on becoming Gunnery Sergeant caLmdown! Being active is an essential part of the Forums, we love that you are so involved when it comes to the clan. Favorite memory on Fever so far? :cupcake: :ghost:

    GYSGT caLmdown! I dunno if I wanna calm down when a sergeant with a gun is near me!! D: I might panic a bit, but since you're in Fever, I might be able to rest a bit easier.. Congrats on the rank up caLmdown! :)
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