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  • Congrats on the rank up! Keep up all the hard work :D
    getting a rank-up is cool and fun but when its for recruiting it makes it a lot more special. recuiting is a hard job and people like you should get rewarded for it so im glade to say Congrats on your rank up!!! and well done.
    Caity, darling! Congrats on ranking up to Sergeant, yam yam how awesome is that :cupcake: We love having you as active as you can be! You deserved that rank up! See ya around on ts :ghost:
    Ugh, how did you manage a rank up? jk :p Great job on the recruitment. It most be because you're so awesome that people joined right? :D Keep up the good work though ^_^
    Nice work recruiting and being active :) Keep up the good work
    Good job on recruiting! I gave you a rank up! Keep it up!
    Thanks so much! :D
    Thank you! It is :)
    Welcome back! Always good to see Fever vets come back home! PM me if you are ever looking to play and I hope you have a long stay.

    See you in game,
    Hey Caity,
    I'm stopping by to say welcome back as well, though I'm a little late in posting here! Seems like you've been back a while, at least if we count when I was able to group with you in D3 a couple weekends back on that PL run. Remember that? You and I were able to tag-team that one single trash-mob monster while the others cleared the map :)
    I also remember dying many times while I was trying to rez you. That's why people that want to practice their rezzing skills in higher GRifts love having me in their group ar ar.
    Just stopping in as part of the same team you are in to say hi again! Hope to see you in D3 soon too.
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