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  • For sure, I agree completely. Thats what kept me here too :) Glad to have you around!
    Caity! Thanks for all the work you do with fever, your rank up is well deserved :)
    now that you have been here awhile, what is your favorite part of fever?
    ILY too!~
    Congratulations on your promotion to SSGT. You are an inspiration to all our members and a great asset to the community. Your dedication to your job is something that others should emulate to be successful. I personally am new to the Rank up Recognition team, any advice for a new addition? Thank you for your time and effort

    21 posts per a week! wow you're a super human! Great job with your jobs and congrats on your rank up! May there me many more.
    Congrats on your rank up for going above and beyond in your job! People like you make Fever Clan the wonderful place it is thank you and May the odds ever be in your favor
    Congrats on your rank up Caity! ^^ You are doing a great job and keep up the great work!
    Thanks for the congratulations! But yeah 1 year... Doesn't even feel like it lol
    Best song I heard all day. ;)
    Thanks for thinking of me. Cheers.
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