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  • Kon'nichiwa bouseherb, kazoku e yōkoso. I am Sachi-chan and it is a pleasure to meet you! So you play league as well? Who are your mains? Mine well I have quite a few.... To many for names, so I will just tell you my main rolls. Mid and support, but I do all. Anywho let me know if you want to play.

    Welcome! I hope you're enjoying yourself, I must say a lot of people have joined with some interesting names this week.
    Can I ask where your name came from? If you read this... "IF" You should add me on league of legends, and we can do a couple rounds together!
    Unless you play something other than that specific moba.

    But anyways I hope to bump into you on TS sometime. I hope you enjoy your gaming experience!

    Brian Z
    Welcome to the clan! What mobas do you like? I personally prefer heroes of the storm. What do you like about this style of game? If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! I am always around teamspeak or the forums so drop in sometime!
    Hey bouseherb and welcome to Fever! Can I ask what is your favourite MOBA is? Mine is personally SMITE. Maybe we can play sometime? Feel free to ask me any quesions.
    welcome to the clan bouseherv if you ever have any questions or need help with anything be sure to msg me :D
    Welcome to Fever bouseherb!!! I see your into mobas!!! What got you into mobas? I hope you enjoy your time here in Fever!!!
    Welcome to Fever bouseherb! Looks like you're new to clanning in general, so welcome aboard! You couldn't have joined a better clan! I see you've been getting bored playing games alone - who wants to do that anyways? :) Here at Fever there is always somebody to play with. Hope to see around on TeamSpeak!
    Hey Bouseherb, welcome to Fever. My name is Delta and I'll be your guide here.


    First of all, I'd like to welcome you to our clan. Its an honor to have you here.

    We have a great community here, and the best way to start being part of it is by introducing yourself here.

    Fever Coins

    You've most likely heard of them during your interview, and they're quite useful. They allow you to take part in auctions for games (Yes, free games for being active here, isn't that awesome) you also get them for ranking up, and being active on game nights. Heres some more info about it.


    I talked about them in the Fever Coin part, and you must be wondering what they do. Well, worry not, fair maiden, for I shall explain it to you.

    Ranks are gained by being active on the forums, doing Jobs, and mostly being part of the community.
    Ranking up enough times may earn you recognition in the eyes of our leaders. And may possibly grant you an important role here.
    For more info, heres a nifty thread.


    Now, you must be wondering what jobs are. They're actually not all that different from real life jobs, only a bit easier to get one here, and they're actually fun to do. Don't believe me? Well go ahead and check out this thread and see with your own eyes.


    You are now fully matured and ready to hit the forums with your awesomeness, hope to see you on Teamspeak
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