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    Fever Horde Guild server (Bigglesworth)

    lock, will raid when i can, i work 5 nights a week.
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    Fever Horde Guild server (Bigglesworth)

    Am Bloodlotus on both.
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    Battlefront 2

    17th, shit i will be playing this tomorrow :P
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    Season 11 Conquests

    Boss mode is easy, just need to form a group that knows how to do it.
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    A little early for burnout?

    I need to play some more, but i spend most of my time in BDO these days and fortnite just came out so no time for d3 atm
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    PSA: Home Base Reset

    o.O mine was not reset.
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    Fresh Necro Gear Progression Guide

    For that set u want Dayntee's belt, circle of Nailuj's evol(ring) traveler'spledge and compass rose, Jesseth Arms set main/offhand. For cube u want Reilena's shadowhook, tasker and theo, Krysbin's sentence. Nailuj's and Krysbin's can be switched depending on what one u have is better. Find a...
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    BDO is TO pay to win. Sliphantom's video on WoT made me realize this.

    Naw bdo is not p2w, its all for convenience, u have to keep in mind that bdo is free to play after you buy it, value pack costs the same as your wow sub so just think of it that way. Also there is a cap on the silver u can get from selling pearl items so thats not viable as it would take...
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    Season 11 Event Kick-Off: 7/20/2017

    So my work scheduled has changed for the week and I can play all night!
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    Sea monster hunting!

    Greetings all, I am looking for people to go sea monster hunting with me sometime this coming week, I can take out our guild ship decked out with 8 cannons! so hit me up either here or in game if your interested in the adventure of a lifetime! all you need to bring are cannon balls! my family...
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    Season 11 Event Kick-Off: 7/20/2017

    I suppose I can pull myself away from BDO for a night, so I will be there, will only be able to play for like 3 hours before I have to leave for work though.
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    Striker class announced for Black Desert Online

    Welcome to BDO dude, heres a golden tip, take it slow and dont try to do everything in game, will make u go crazy if u try!
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    Tag Team Fighting Tournament

    Not sure if i can make it, all depends on if my guild does node war and how long it lasts.
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    Guild Fight Night Tournament

    FistOfTheLotus bloodlotus Inkedlotus 57 striker
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    Guild Fight Night Tournament

    Am not in the guild but I would like to come, is that fine? :)