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  • Just letting you know, I just moved and won't have Internet for a few weeks. Should be active again sometime in the first week or two of October.
    Congrats on your rank up to officer!!! Looking forward to more great things to come :)
    Hey hey blonky! I remember when you mentioned you were going into OIT - and they did the right thing and recognized your hard work! Our D3 forums are really helpful to me and the rest of the D3 players, and I always have appreciated your prompt replies and all the support you've provided.

    This post is pretty easy for me to write with sincere appreciation for your efforts!

    Gushy-stuff now officially off for the day :)
    Gratz bud! Well-deserved!
    Congratulations on your promotion to Officer!!! Keep up the hard work!!
    Congratulations on your promotion to MGYSGT! you have been and remain a valuable member of the community, and I would like to thank you for your Outstanding performance in the Content Creator Department! Keep up the good work.
    Grats on your rank up to Master Gunnery Sergeant! You have done an excellent job in your department and I hope to see more of you in the future!May the odds ever be in your favor
    Congrats on the promotion, Blonky!
    Another rank up! NICE WORK Master gunnery Sergeant! Thanks for all your hard work!
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