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  • Diablo 3, LoL, Cs Go, WoW, H1Z1 and Smite (sometimes Runescape) if i can play and stream it i will but sometimes i try and stream when i have people too talk too so well i have people too talk too
    It's regarding the threads I made last night >.< Come on teamspeak.
    I'm so confuse and lost right now. I need your help with something.
    What did you change?
    Thanks man ^^ Felt good
    You're right, I actually like it.
    Look at you, level 40 big man. Thanks for the add
    Posting on my own profile is a new standard.
    After you remove a friend yes.
    Got room on your friends list? 'Ungolim' is my IGN
    I have complied.
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