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  • Hello BabyyNinja, welcome to Fever! Good to have another LoL player in our ranks. I wish I could say I was good but I am not and have mostly played Dota. Do you play other MOBA’s I’m currently hooked on Heroes of the Storm, but I have a ton of hours into Dota as well. What kind of champions do you play?

    I hope you have a long and enjoyable stay with Fever. If you ever need anything or want to play, don’t hesitate to send me a PM. One of Fever’s core values to me is community, so feel comfortable to browse the different sections and hop into different TS channels and just say hello! The LFG channels work really well for finding teammates.

    Welcome again and see you in game,

    PS- I have to mention that on Mondays at 8 PM EST, I host a Hearthstone game night for Fever! This is a great place to meet new people and have a good time with other members. By participating regularly, you will also earn a Fever Award! I hope that you can make it, the game night channels are towards the top of TS.
    Well hello there! Welcome to Fever! I See you play League what do you like about it? and what is your favorite role to play? I have not played much league myself but I hear good things about it from the rest of the clan. We have a huge fan base for LoL so it should not be hard to find a group with people! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! I am always around teamspeak or the forums so drop me a PM sometime.
    Hey BabyyNinja, welcome to Fever Clan! I read your app, and I have to tell you that I also experienced some toxicity when I first tried out LoL in a public game. I was just learning, and basically only played solo until I ventured out. Oops! They all pretty much were screaming at me about 1 minute into the game. I learned fast to make LoL be LOL for me :)
    Needless to say, I stopped playing public games. I think you're going to enjoy being a part of our gaming community! People here are very supportive, and it won't matter who you are, what you are, as long as you are Fever!

    Check out the MOBA section in the Forum and the sub-forum for LoL there. Also be sure to check out the other forums/sub-forums we have too! Good stuff, and it would be great to see you participate in any of the sections that interest you.

    If you have any questions or need anything, please reach out to me anytime. Happy to help!
    Welcome again BabyyNinja, enjoy being a part of your new gaming family!
    Well Met, Friend!

    I want to personally welcome you to Fever Clan, a place where friends are made and games are played! It is always awesome to see new people join everyday and it is always an amazing opportunity to get a chance to meet new people and get to know them.

    I see that you are a dedicated League of Legends player, which is always nice if you enjoy the game, more power to you. *cough Smite is better cough* Hm? Oh don't mind me, just had to clear my throat. :p It's all good though my friend! There are, and I am not exaggerating here, CRAP TONS of people in Fever that play League, and there are many different ways that it can be played as well during its game nights. Yes you heard me right, League of Legends game nights! I can 100% promise you as well that playing with fellow Fever members here will be 100% better than playing with the well-known toxic filled pug community! :)

    Some Information to Keep in Mind!

    While in Fever Clan, our main focus for everyone is to create friendships and to play video games to create and improve those friendships, but sometimes there needs to be more. Well we definitely have more to offer and it is up to you to decide how you want to forge your life here in Fever.

    First off, you may introduce yourself if you would like to other members to start to imprint yourself into Fever society: "Introduction Forums"

    Maybe you want to take up some Fever Jobs to help out in the community or have something else to do if you feel like you want to do more for Fever: "Fever Jobs and Opportunities"

    As you participate in Fever Clan events and do your Fever Job should you choose to have one, you can get Fever Coins, a clan currency where you can get yourself some awesome loot and/or services: "Understanding Fever Coins"

    The more you participate and help out in Fever, the more chances and opportunities you also have for getting Ranked-Up, which will happen overtime on its own, but you can chose to accelerate the process: "Rank-Up Promotions Guide"

    We also have availability with the Taptalk Smart Phone App: "Taptalk Smartphone App"

    Your Destiny Awaits!

    You are now informed of the many possibilities available to you and your options are now set, what is left now is for you to begin your road and to make your own choices and decisions that will determine who you will become in Fever.

    I hope the best for you, and again, welcome to the Fever Clan family!

    Welcome to Fever BabyyNinja!!! I see your into LOL!!! It takes some skill and a lot of patience not to break your computer screen to play that game so I respect you! lol. what do you do not to explode at the community on that game? If you have any questions or just want a friend feel free to message me!!!
    Hey BabyyNinja, welcome to Fever. My name is Delta and I'll be your guide here.


    First of all, I'd like to welcome you to our clan. Its an honor to have you here.

    We have a great community here, and the best way to start being part of it is by introducing yourself here.

    Fever Coins

    You've most likely heard of them during your interview, and they're quite useful. They allow you to take part in auctions for games (Yes, free games for being active here, isn't that awesome) you also get them for ranking up, and being active on game nights. Heres some more info about it.


    I talked about them in the Fever Coin part, and you must be wondering what they do. Well, worry not, fair maiden, for I shall explain it to you.

    Ranks are gained by being active on the forums, doing Jobs, and mostly being part of the community.
    Ranking up enough times may earn you recognition in the eyes of our leaders. And may possibly grant you an important role here.
    For more info, heres a nifty thread.


    Now, you must be wondering what jobs are. They're actually not all that different from real life jobs, only a bit easier to get one here, and they're actually fun to do. Don't believe me? Well go ahead and check out this thread and see with your own eyes.


    You are now fully matured and ready to hit the forums with your awesomeness, hope to see you on Teamspeak
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