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  • "Friday Nights Be Like. . ."

    good job on recruiting! I gave you a rank up! Keep it up!
    Welcome to Fever! I read your application and saw you play some D3. I do too! I haven't had a chance to properly start this season, but I have managed to at least get some gear and lvls. Are you playing this season? If so what class did you start out with? Feel free to add me in game, Dammy#1475 I'm always looking for new friends to game with. Anyways, once again welcome to the clan, and if you have any questions give me a shout. Look forward to seeing you around!
    Welcome to fever Archimedies!

    I'm Masirus nice to meet you and hope you have a nice stay. Before speaking about our clan, I would like to tell you a little bit about my experience here, I was mostly a Hearthstone player looking for some folks to just share ideas with. After settling in here at fever I found a lot of folks that played other games I enjoyed as well. I hope you get to have a similar experience here.

    Here are a few links that will help you get yourself familiar with our forums and the clan as a whole.

    Important Links
    Introduce yourself here. Let people know a little about you!

    Smartphone app Tapatalk for easier access to the forums on the go.
    Tapatalk - Trending Discussions About Your Interests

    Interested in taking on a job for Fever? Find them here.

    Fever Coin System.

    Information on our ranking system.

    I hope you enjoy Fever and feel free to ask any officer any questions on forums or Teamspeak, take care and have fun.
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