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    Rebuilding from the ground up

    Sounds good o. The name I'll be getting on after this byopsy is dones Sent from the Tardis.
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    More f2p info

    Have'nt been able to stand being on the Computer for more then an hr so have not looked at to much swtor stuff thanks for the Post.
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    Will you play WarZ ?

    Sound like fun think ill pick it up. Sent from the Tardis.
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    Guild Check ~Post if playing GW2 regularly (TELL FRIENDS)

    Aragos: Aragos and the tiki girl Oswin22 Sent from the Tardis.
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    <Fever> Guild Roster and In-Game rankings

    Aragos is my Hunter in the guild. Will bring a mage or Druid over in time
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    |Fever| Battle Tags

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    State your Role!

    Hunter Ranged DPS May have a Mage or Druid later on.
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    I hate you all, but.....

    I started a monk this morning. Sent from the Tardis.
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    Republic side Guild on Bastion

    You can petition a GM if you have Officer in that guilde if he has not been on for 30 days and they will switch it.
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    WvWvW Group

    Same here I've been meaning to get into some WVWVW but just haven't wanted to go it alone. I should be on an off all times of the day. But for the next 4-6 weeks i may have interruptions from doctors well I'm getting this bone marrow transplant done with.
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    Photo: Don't misunderstand

    There was a great beat up Toyota with custom zombie nation and zombie girl painted on it ill upload a pic later today. Sent from the Tardis.
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    Resolved: Car Audio system

    Go disele they last forever and good mileage and good power aswell. I have a 09 Jetta TDI. And they just offered to buy it back from me for 18k. Sent from the Tardis.
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    Video: Alliance vs. Horde - Mists of Pandaria - Part 1

    Shock. You know you want to. Sent from the Tardis.
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    CS:GO Server

    That's what a second pc is for. Sent from the Tardis.
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    Celeb Topless Photos Question

    Never heard about heidi but I've seen her boobies all over the place. As for Kate now a days you take your chances these days. Once on the internet they are out forever. Sent from the Tardis.