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  • I also play Bloodline Champions, it's not so popular... but i like the engine, gameplay etc... I can show it to you sometime, if interested..
    hey you, i owe you a goblin vault. message me on bnet sometime!!
    Hey sorry I haven't responded, I've been abroad for the past couple of weeks. I'm home now, and looking forward to playing with everyone. I'm pretty casual, I mostly play my non-season demon hunter. I'll see you around :)
    Hiya Apoc thanks for the message Yep I will be playing seasons. Fav expansion hands down was BC. I pretty much always play a Paladin type class is most of my games so my dawf paladin is my main. Warlock is my alter ego class on wow kinda that light/dark yin/yang thing lol..
    Congrats on your promotion Apoc, you deserve it!
    Thanks! I will absolutely be playing in s5! Right now (and since D2, honestly) I love playing Barbarians, and have reached para 360 since starting back up 2 weeks ago. I look forward to seeing you in game!
    Congrats on Officer
    Grats on being an officer, Apoc99!!
    Welcome to officership!
    Nice to see you here.
    Grats on Officer Apoc99!! Hard work pays off! Keep it up.

    Congrats on officer!
    Congrats on officership! Finally made it ;D
    Hiya Apoc! Nice to be here and meet you too! I do play D3, and should hopefully be around for the next season! I think I kind of missed the boat on this season, so I'm ready and rearing to go for next season! And I have all of the CS games (1.6, Source, and GO), and have played them all, but I'm mainly playing CS:GO as that seems to be the huge trend nowadays! I'll definitely be on the TeamSpeak playing around with everyone soon, I'm unfortunately not around my main gaming computer at the moment for the holidays! But I do appreciate the welcome and the knowledge that I can always come to you if I need anything! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and have a fantastic new year!
    Congratulations on your double Rank Up to 1SG! Thanks and keep up the great work!

    I liked Cataclysm the best. It was the only time in my entire life that I got to raid with my best friend (Dragon Soul) since he didn't play long. I definitely will be playing next season, that's why I was looking for like-minded people to play with. And my favorite WoW class is healing (usually as a Druid) but healing is my favorite class. In Diablo3 it's probably the Demon Hunter since day 1. I hop in Teamspeak when I'm available and have numerous times already, thanks for the greeting and I hope you had a great holiday.
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