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  • I MISS YOU ANALHATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now even I am worried! Show up!
    where are you????
    Submitted the report now so don't double post it^^
    Don't hear to Sithis, he just keeps spamming that "German-bicycle-vs-Chinese-car"-meme for every German clan member :D
    Instead look at this:


    Here's some memes for ya



    Hey is there any stats jobs open? I'd be interested in helping out.
    Ah, vielen Dank!
    Schnes neues Jahr fr dich!
    Auf das deine eigenen Wnsche wahr werden mgen ;)
    Jap, das wird bei uns am Donnerstag wohl auch geschaut werden.
    Weis nicht, ob mich das jetzt freuen soll :D

    oh wait, you were talking about you?
    Hey there,
    happy holidays to ya!
    As my moving is now (basically) done - and my overhours at the end of my old work are hopefully gone for some time, I should be able to put more hours into our projects.
    Anyway, enough of that - happy holidays for you, have a nice time!
    Nice work in Imagineering dept.
    Know it from my real work how important - and cumbersome sometimes - things like that can be.
    Would participate for myself, but not for the time being because I'm still lacking on the Stats project and have some other things going on (RL).
    That said, there's a thing I'm handling in MoTF that could be also of interest for us.
    Will contact you about that soon.

    Greetings Gyorn
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