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  • We miss you <3
    Console? That's cool. We miss you on PC though come back, you know you want to.
    Hey! You Kangaroo-eating Australian wanker! Where have you been? It's been a while. How's things?
    it said you got a rank up in the chat! Did you not get a rank up? XD
    You too <3 <3 <3 we should play some games on PS4 together soon :)
    Hey, can we have a conquest room like there is for assault pls? :D
    AY SEXY JUST WENT 31-0-2 ON SMITE i am a GOD!!!! lol
    Hey I am getting back into SWTOR. right now I'm not subscribed but I have a lvl 36 Sith Maurdaer on another server. If I brought her over to Harbinger are there enough Feverites or friends of yours that might help me lvl up? I like running the story lines and somtimes I need help to complete missions. I will post my ingame name and stuff on the SWTOR page. Thanks ~Mustang
    New athena legendary skin?
    I see :) well good luck and ty for your work ^^
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