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  • Hey there! Congratulations on your recent rankup!! You're doing great around here, keep it up! :)
    Hey Keith, sorry I'm late to the welcome, but I wanted to post my welcome to you all the same! Good to have another D3 player with us :)
    I've been traveling these past few days and haven't been able to get into the game, but should you see me in TS or in-game, please stop by and say hello!

    I've read a few of your posts on the classes you play, and it would be nice to do some runs with you sometime. NobleLion427#6179 is my battletag, and my current Season 3 main is named after my wife's nickname - Philly. I like it when she rolls her eyes at me after I tell her she should be tired from all the running around I have her do while I'm playing haha.

    I also wanted to add my plug for the Forum. I know you've already posted in it, but I want to make sure that you know that it's a great feature we have here at Fever, and I hope you'll take advantage of it! Not only is there good information on the games you play like D3 (we have a great active forum for D3) but there are also a lot of other useful topics like Fitness (under Health & Lifestyle) that you should look into!

    If you have any questions, please reach out to me anytime!
    Welcome again Keith! Looking forward to catching you in D3 sometime :)
    Welcome to Fever AlcoholArcade! I see that you play Diablo 3, that division is really active. I have a Wizard and a Witch Doctor at max but I never got into the whole seasons thing, but I’ve been thinking about it. What kind of characters do you play? If you ever wanna play any Bnet games, my tag is BaumDeezy#1953.

    I hope you have a long and enjoyable stay with Fever. If you ever need anything or want to play, don’t hesitate to send me a PM. One of Fever’s core values to me is community, so feel comfortable to browse the different sections and hop into different TS channels and just say hello! The LFG channels work really well for finding teammates.

    Welcome again and see you in game,

    PS- I have to mention that on Mondays at 8 PM EST, I host a Hearthstone game night for Fever! This is a great place to meet new people and have a good time with other members. By participating regularly, you will also earn a Fever Award! I hope that you can make it, the game night channels are towards the top of TS.
    Why hello there! Welcome to Fever! I see you like to play Diablo 3! what do you like about it? do you play another blizzard game or just this one? If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! I am always around on teamspeak or the forums so drop me a message sometime!
    Welcome to the Fever family my good sir! Diablo 3 is a really awesome game to play! The loot, the dead hell creatures on the floor, the endless paragon points! We have an in-game clan that you are welcomed to when you want to adventure with fellow members! :)
    Welcome to Fever AlcoholArcade!!!! I see your into diablo!!! It is really big here in Fever I am sure your going to find a good group!!! Who is your favorite class to play? If you have any questions feel free to message me!!!
    Hello AlchoholArcade and welcome to Fever. I hope you enjoy your stay here, If you have any questions or queries feel free to PM me.
    Hey AlcoholArcade, welcome to Fever. My name is Delta and I'll be your guide here.


    First of all, I'd like to welcome you to our clan. Its an honor to have you here.

    We have a great community here, and the best way to start being part of it is by introducing yourself here.

    Fever Coins

    You've most likely heard of them during your interview, and they're quite useful. They allow you to take part in auctions for games (Yes, free games for being active here, isn't that awesome) you also get them for ranking up, and being active on game nights. Heres some more info about it.


    I talked about them in the Fever Coin part, and you must be wondering what they do. Well, worry not, fair maiden, for I shall explain it to you.

    Ranks are gained by being active on the forums, doing Jobs, and mostly being part of the community.
    Ranking up enough times may earn you recognition in the eyes of our leaders. And may possibly grant you an important role here.
    For more info, heres a nifty thread.


    Now, you must be wondering what jobs are. They're actually not all that different from real life jobs, only a bit easier to get one here, and they're actually fun to do. Don't believe me? Well go ahead and check out this thread and see with your own eyes.


    You are now fully matured and ready to hit the forums with your awesomeness, hope to see you on Teamspeak
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