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    Anthem Keyboard/Mouse changes that you like best

    So I am finding that the ZXCV keys are just not working for me. I have read on Reddit, a lot of people are remapping keys to the MMO mice. So what might be the setup that Fever members find useful, to improve the feel of the game. I was hoping the devs might add a double tap on a or d to...
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    Anthem origin IGNs

    5ilver5urfer-mtw is my Origin ID. This looks like a lot of fun. Already playing not great at flying yet. Gun feel seems to have improved 'some' from earlier demos.
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    Eve Online Patch Notes

    Updated for Parallax Patch Notes and links...
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    Eve Online Patch Notes

    Updated for Vanguard Patch Notes and links...
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    Eve Online Patch Notes

    Patch Notes for Parallax - EVE Community Patch Notes For Parallax 2015-11-12 11:00 Patch Notes for Parallax 1.6 Released on Thursday November 12th, 2015 FIXES: Gameplay: The code for training of skills has been improved to reduce problems with broken skill queues. New...
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    Micro Transactions in EVE?

    Yeah, $10 for a skin is a little on the high side in my mind. Yeah it last forever, but really it takes them how long to pop out another skin? I will wait and see if they come to there senses... and if not then I will be in a unique ship the original, like retro gaming ;-) (and retro smilies) -SS
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    just started again

    That would be 'O C C U P Y', FYI... I am a super noob to that EVE corp, so I carry virtually zero weight with them. Hence the recommendation to have L1felock introduce you, and not I.
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    just started again

    I am in the same nullsec corp. They do quite a bit of PvP in nullsect. We are assisting another group at the moment. If you are interested hit L1felock up and he might be able to get you an invite.
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    Anyone up for a marathon on Queen Kill Orders on Xbox1 this Sunday?

    So I know it is way unlikely that I get a sniper and/or ship, but they are just sitting there in my queue and about to be worth nothing. So do I have any 2 or more takers, or are there others out there wanting to role the dice maybe get 2 groups going or more if that is the case, and if I get...
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    Destiny Clan!

    Joined X1 side.
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    Winter or Summer?

    Winter! For sure! Texas just gets too hot most summers. This one played out better than most probably less than 15 days over a 100+ in DFW area so far... Also the spring was one of the longest, kinda great it being so long. Maybe this fall will be longer as well!
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    Hendo made ST!! Congratz

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    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #143!

    Go D3 PS4, but still having to wait for Destiny. Will have it on both PS4 and XboxOne, it is gonna rock. Not happy I need it on both, but I think it is worth it.
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    5ilver5urfer's Application

    Games you play: Starcraft II / Defense Grid I/II (II is in beta) Main Game: Starcraft 2 Age: 45 Gender: Male Country: United States MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: '5ilver5urfer' - I think based on DOTA 2 Steam ID Starcraft 2 Username: SilverSurfer#1216...